alkaline foods vs acidic foods

The Reasons Why You Have to Consume Alkaline Foods vs Acidic Foods

Alkaline foods vs acidic foods has plenty of interest due to the thought that one consuming acidic foods in abundance will harm his/her health or will support any illness growth within the body. The reason is indicated through a research showing the normal blood pH should be 7.4 or around it. It refers to the alkaline since alkaline foods will support this level. Alkaline is very important to help your body against the excess of acidic foods.

Alkaline Foods vs Acidic Foods

pH Scales

pH or potential hydrogen has the molecule’s ability to get hydrogen ions. The pH measurement scale is between 0 and 14. 0 means the highest level of acidic while 14 means the highest level of alkalinity. Alkaline foods vs acidic foods for human health relates to the pH scale for the measurement. Your body needs to be able to maintain the scale around 7.4 for the balance. If your body has too many acidic or the scale shows it dominant, your body will take calcium from your bones to keep well the pH within the tissues, body fluids and organs. It will risk osteoporosis.

If the pH level within your body has too high acidic for certain extended time periods, acidosis will set in. When your body tends to behave too many alkaline for a period of time, alkalosis will set in. By seeing alkaline foods vs acidic foods, you have the opportunity to find people having a pH scale which is unbalanced. For people who are too alkaline seems very rare to find.

Acidosis Prevention

alkaline foods vs acidic foodsThe contradiction of alkaline foods vs acidic foods is involved in the activity of human’s internal organ. They tend to show which one is more dominant between them so we know about alkaline foods vs acidic foods. Because foods are very crucial for the human body, you have to eat foods, which consist of many alkaline. The reason is that food having a high alkaline level will be able to prevent acidosis. Acidosis itself occurs when your body has too much intake of acid. Acidosis are divided into two types including respiratory acidosis and metabolic acidosis. Respiratory acidosis develops, if your body gets too much intake of carbon dioxide, whereas metabolic acidosis happens when your body produces acid with too much amount or when there are kidneys having no ability to remove sufficient acid within your body.

Alkaline Food Sources

You are recommended to eat more alkaline foods. There are alkaline food benefits vs acidic foods that can be the reason why you have to eat more alkaline foods. You will be fearless from bad possibility to know your bone calcium will loss because of your body that releases minerals from the bones for optimizing the pH. Other evidence which can support the use of alkaline foods in your diet (cheese, eggs, and shunning meats) is lacking. One study discovers a link connecting alkaline diet with larger muscle mass for women.

From the study which have been conducted, many athletes with their PRAL scores has found the content of protein in one’s diet seems not matter for vegetable and fruits. It can be assumed that the best and recommended way to optimize alkaline nature for your diet. It can be gotten by eating less cheese, eggs, grains and meat, but eating more vegetables and fruits.

Disease Prevention

Numerous physical disease and problems are caused by foods you are eating. So, it is necessary to consider eating alkaline foods vs acidic foods. It is about balancing your diet because recent life tends to be familiar with acid foods, such as proteins, sugars and cereals. Foods producing alkaline has to replace the acid foods because it is healthier than the acid ones. Alkaline foods include vegetables eaten in smaller quantities whereas acid foods include coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco.

Not only you have to consider alkaline foods vs acidic foods, but also you have to consider your physical activity and stress. If the amounts of physical activity are excessive or insufficient, it can lead to acidification. Therefore, pay attention to the balance between what you eat and what you do.

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