list of acidic and alkaline food

List of Acidic and Alkaline Food for Balanced Daily Menu

Balance is the key of healthy life. We should ensure that our body is in balance. It can be known from the pH level in our body. If our body is too acidic, we should consume alkaline food to make it balance. The pH level of alkaline food is higher than 7 that help our body to alkalize. By consuming alkaline food, we can avoid some health risks as we maintain our digestive system. So, we need a list of acidic and alkaline food.

How to differ Alkaline and Acidic Foods

It is pretty difficult to differentiate alkaline food and acidic food. In some cases, sour food is not always acidic food and vice versa. For instance, lemon is acidic in nature. In fact, lemon is not an acidic food. Instead, it has an alkalizing effect on your body anytime you consume it. Milk is not sour. It is alkaline outside your body. Milk has an acidic effect upon the digestive system. It can be concluded that the way our body reacts to foods is the factor that determines whether the food we take is alkaline food or acidic food. The scientists and researchers classify the foods to list of acidic and alkaline food.

We can use this list of alkaline and acidic food as a universal guide to decide the best menu. List of acidic and alkaline food may contain some vegetables and fruits that you may need for your daily menu. It will be very helpful to keep your body healthier and fresher.

List of acidic and alkaline food

1. Alkaline Foods: High to Very Low

We can start learning from the list of alkaline foods. This list is divided into four categories. There are highly alkaline, moderately alkaline, low alkaline and very low alkaline. Foods which are high in alkaline include baking soda, lemons, mineral water, onion, nectarine, persimmon, sea vegetables, sweet potato, spirulina, pumpkin seed, pineapple, taro root, tangerine, sea salt, seaweed, umeboshi plums, watermelon and vegetable juice.

The next category is moderately alkaline foods. This category includes some fruits, flower, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seed, such as apricots, apples, arugula, fresh green beans, broccoli, asparagus, carob, cantaloupe, cashews, cayenne, chestnuts, dandelion, citrus, dewberry, ginger, garlic, grapefruit, leafy green herbs, mango, olive, passion fruit, peas, raspberries, parsnip, sweet corn, spices and turnip. Almonds and sour apples are included into acidic and alkaline food list, but they are low in alkaline. Meanwhile, banana, coconut oil, fermented vegetables, flax and cucumber are very low in alkaline.

list of acidic and alkaline foodAlkaline foods as part of alkaline and acidic food list, the next turn is learning about acidic food. Acidic food is food that can promote acid production in our body. This food can influence the pH level in our body in the acid range (0-6). As our stomach is typically acid strong (the pH level is 3.5), acidic food can trigger some health issues. For instance, acidity in urine that can form uric acid stones. Acidic food can lead to muscle and food deterioration. Further health risks like liver problems, heart disease and cancer are the results of over acidity in our body. We should understand the acidic food listed to prevent the further problems.

2. Acidic Foods: High to Very Low

Similar to the alkaline food list, the acidic food is categorized into four categories which range from very low acidic to highly acidic. Foods like butter, coconut, fish, gelatin, honey, and others are foods which are very low in acidity, while black tea, elk, lamb, alcohol, cow milk, lamb, lima beans etc. is low. Artificial sweeteners, bread, fried foods, ice cream, liquor, beef and beers are highly acidic and ketchup, coffee, chicken, egg whites and others are in moderate rate.

Some other foods are included in the acidic food list. Those are low fat yoghurt, plain bagel, hot dog, pepperoni, walnuts, oats, brown rice, mozzarella, canned sardines, American or cheddar cheese, lean beef and most grains, meats, beans, dairy products, fast foods, processed foods and fish. Moreover, Parmesan cheese is argued as the most acid-producing. If some of those foods are your favorite, you can pick some alkaline food from list of acidic and alkaline food to neutralize the acid and maintain your health.

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