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How to Follow High Alkaline Diet?

Alkaline diet is one of the types of diet that will be very effective to make your body more ideal. It offers many benefits for your health. To do this diet, you have to consume alkaline foods. At the same time, you should limit acidic foods. So, your pH level will be balanced. Most people consider high alkaline diet to get the best result. However, you need to know some things before applying this. You should know the foods that can form high alkaline.

Facts about High Alkaline Diet

There are many facts that you need to know before you try high acid alkaline diet. The first is that the research about this diet is still limited. There are many doctors think that high alkaline diet is unnecessary because naturally our body can maintain pH balance, even though it is not as optimal as if you have alkaline diet. You should eat more plants, vegetables, and fruits to get balanced pH level. You need to cut out processed foods, sugar, and sodium intake. Consuming more alkaline foods will not cause a problem, but it will be better to control it.

high alkaline dietYou should not only consume alkaline foods, but you must limit acidic foods. The problem is that some acidic foods are not really bad for your body. Even more, some of them are good for your health. For example, tea, walnuts, chickpeas, pomegranates, cranberries, etc. belongs to acid forming foods. In fact, they are good for your health so that it will be good if you consume those foods, even though they are not recommended for high pH diet.

You should know that there is no specific alkaline regime. Alkaline diet is not a specific plan, but it is more of a dietary theory. It makes this diet a little bit confusing to do. It may refer to short term diet or simply add alkaline foods to make your pH level balanced. High alkaline diet for the long term may not be good enough. There are many advocates who do not agree with this diet plan. If you are interested in it, you should be careful.

Lastly, you need to watch the protein intake when you partake. High alkaline diet will reduce your intake of dairy products and meat. It is very important to sub in the foods that are rich in protein. For examples, that are seeds and nuts. These foods will balance your pH level in your body.

Alkaline Acidic Diet Food Levels

Following the diet means that you should consume alkaline foods and limit acidic foods. Alkaline acidic diet foods have some levels. Starts from alkaline food levels, there are highly alkaline foods, moderately alkaline foods, low alkaline foods, and very low alkaline foods. You should prioritize the highly alkaline foods to follow this alkaline diet. There are many ideas of foods to eat. For example, you can consider eating lemons. Besides, limes belong to highly alkaline foods. Other highly alkaline foods are lotus root, onion, sea salt, sea vegetables, sweet potato, Chlorella, seaweed, raspberry, watermelon, vegetable juices, etc.

The other alkaline foods are good for alkaline diet. It is not as recommended as highly alkaline foods for high alkaline diet. It will be better for you to know them. The examples of moderately alkaline foods are broccoli, beans, apples, carrots, cayenne, etc. For low alkaline foods, there are cherry, blackberry, apple cider vinegar, almonds, egg yolks, honey, herbs, collard green, etc. Lastly, blueberry, beet, banana, avocado oil, grapes, grain coffee, ginger tea, japonica rice, hemp seed oil, etc. belong to low alkaline foods.

Besides alkaline food levels, you need to know about acidic food levels. There are very low acidic, low acidic, moderately acidic, and highly acidic foods. Very low acidic foods are still tolerated for high alkaline diet, such as coconut, dates, butter, amaranth, etc. The examples of low acidic foods are boar, elk, goose, goat milk, alcohol, etc. Coffee, chicken, casein, bear, lard, etc. belongs to moderately alkaline foods whereas beer, beef, breads, hops, ice cream, lobster, etc. belong to highly acidic foods.

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