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Health Daily Menu with Alkaline Forming Foods

Our stomach has an acidic environment for digesting the foods we eat. If we eat too much acidic food, it can harm our digestive system. Those acidic foods may trigger for further health issues and disease, the deadly ones. Some of acidic foods may bring toxic to our body that may endanger our life. To avoid those further health risks and to maintain our body’s health, let’s start to include alkaline forming foods into our daily menu.

Knowing Alkaline Foods and Acidic Foods

Alkaline foods are very rich in alkaline compounds, such as calcium, potassium, iron, and more. By consuming alkaline forming foods, the pH levels in our body can be balanced. When we consume too much acid forming foods like dairy products, fast foods, processed foods, grains and meats, we should make it balance and harmony by picking alkaline foods for diet. These foods include most herbs, vegetables, fruits, seeds, herbal teas and seeds.

Understand the Way the Body Works

alkaline forming foodsWe should understand how our body works in digesting foods we eat, whether it is alkaline forming foods or acid forming food. As we consume acidic foods, the blood pH will get balanced as the alkaline rich minerals (phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium) are released by the body. The body can easily access those minerals from the diet if we consume foods for alkaline diet. Those minerals will be pulled by our body when we don’t eat alkaline foods. The result is the immune system will be compromised. We can get tired easily and the body will be prone to get diseases and viruses.

Planning Alkaline Diet

The importance of consuming alkaline forming foods has been proven by celebrities. This diet is popular in America. We need to consume 60-80% alkaline foods for diet and reduce the intake of acidic food until 20-40%. Your favorite fast foods like hot dogs or burgers and the processed food, should be skipped. Instead, take fresh foods like beans and grains. Pick organic vegetables and fruits as pesticide can be acid forming. The other benefit of taking diet with alkaline foods is boosting the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatments. It is very good for those who have certain chemotherapy treatments. Besides, these foods provide more energy. They defeat the fungus and yeast.

The other step you take in running alkaline diet is understands what you are eating. As you have learnt about acidic food and alkaline foods for diet, you can differentiate them. You should really understand how those foods work and how to keep them in balance. So, you can make your diet with alkaline forming foods balance and harmony. The next thing to take is applying the 2-to-1 rule. What does this rule mean? This rule is about the comparison between the foods, alkaline and acidic ones. You should take 2 foods for alkaline diet for everyone acidic food you take. For instance, you have an egg, which is acidic food, for your breakfast. Make it balance by serving egg along with grapefruits and spinach, which are rich in alkaline compounds.

Alkaline Drinks, Spices and Herbs

Drinks are important in the diet with alkaline foods. Some drinks are acidic while some others are rich in alkaline. It may be hard to avoid wine or soda, but you can make it balance by drinking green juices or water with lime and lemon. Those drinks are included in alkaline forming foods so they will help you offset the effects.

Besides the drink, pick herbs and spices and add them into your dish. The alkaline herbs and spices will encounter the dangerous effect of acidic food. You can add paprika to your soups or nuts. Adding the chili powder to a cup of hot cocoa can bring different experience for you. Tuna salad or turkey will taste greater with parsley.

Take leafy greens like turnip, spinach, kale and Swiss chard and add to your menu. Those leafy greens, besides being one of alkaline forming foods, are rich in vitamin K. They contain folate that your body requires. Spinach has many benefits. It is a complete package of antioxidants, phytochemicals, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. It will maintain your digestive system and organs for better and healthier life.

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