alkaline vs acidic diet

Alkaline Vs Acidic Diet, Which One Is Better

Have the proportional body is one of the peoples dreams. It can be seen how people in the world need to diet. Some people may do a diet for their health, but other people do this diet for managing their body to be proportional. Many ideas can be applied to people to diet. They can do alkaline or acidic for diet. Most people look for the advantages in the alkaline vs acidic diet that can be applied for their health in the result. Both are good for dieting. The way for you to diet will depend on your body’s ability to get the satisfaction result for diet.

To decide diet, whether you put alkaline or acidic will depend on the pH in our body. People need a pH above 7.0 for immunologic, enzymatic, and repair mechanism all functions. You will be better to use alkaline. If our body is over acidic for instance, you have under a pH of 7, you will have many symptoms, including fatigue, low energy, nasal congestion, hives, headaches, and so forth. You should notice at the alkaline vs acidic diet to get the satisfaction result in doing the diet.

How to get the best diet?

alkaline vs acidic dietThe alkaline vs acidic diet will offer the best result depend on the people need, especially in the pH condition. If you have highly acidic, it will be better for you to balance your pH with the alkaline method. You can eat the alkaline food, including watermelon, lime, mango, most vegetables, vegetable juices, almond, and so forth. The alkaline or acidic diet will depend on the person’s condition well. You should avoid consuming animal meat, most grains, peanut, alcohol, chocolate, and dairy because those foods can increase your acidic in your body.

It will be a great idea for people to know how to make the balance intake of alkaline based and acid based food. To maintain both foods will determine how well we can maintain good health. Alkaline vs acidic diet will influence the health very well because the pH, which is in your body will help you to get the satisfaction metabolism. Moreover, you will have a better immune system if you apply this alkaline and acidic diet very well for your body.

The advantages for alkaline vs acidic diet

You will have great advantages when you have applied this alkaline vs acidic diet very well. The first benefits that can be found in your body is free from illness either simple or serious diseases in your body. The alkaline and acidic diet will boost your immune system better. Since you have a good immune system, you will not be weak and getting sick. Other benefits that can be found in this idea are that you can lose your weight without any difficulties. These diet ideas will protect you to be obese.

Another idea that can be found is that you can keep your cell in good condition. Getting the balancing diet will make your cell getting responsible to maintain your brain function healthy. Since you have good condition, you are easy to enjoy your life. You will not need to limit whatever you want to do. You should measure the alkaline and acidic intake in your body to get these benefits. The percentage that the alkaline intake should be 75-80%, whereas for acid, you need about 20-25%.

The Type of Food

You should put for optimal health in the acid or alkaline foods to get those advantages in applying alkaline vs acidic diet. You should not consume the acid food and choose optional alkaline because it can cause your body harm. Then, you should balance your food intake to balance your body. There are some perfect balance of acid and alkaline in the fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains.

You should reduce and avoid the food, which has high sugar contain including doughnuts, cakes, biscuits, and crisp. If you can combine the best alkaline vs acidic diet in your body, you will have the satisfaction result in health and diet. You do not worry about your body condition because you will be healthier if you can apply good diet in the alkaline and acid intake at your food.

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