alkaline foods for acid reflux

Natural and Fresh Alkaline Foods for Acid Reflux

Have you known what acid reflux is? It is a condition where the stomach and food acids spew back into the esophagus that causes burning pain in your lower chest. It is followed by other symptoms like belching, bloating, snoring, ulcers, difficulty breathing and sore throats. An early digestion stage can occur with hydrochloric acid release within the stomach for breaking down any foods which are eaten. In certain cases, such process doesn’t occur and then it contributes to give GERD symptoms or painful reflux. If you have experienced this thing, you need alkaline foods for acid reflux to calm your stomach and reduce the over acidity and relieve the pain. Healthy alkaline foods for acids contribute to the system in helping prevent the risk of acidosis. It is known a serious condition triggering all disease.

Alkaline Foods for Acid Reflux


As an important source of diet, you need to find alkaline foods for acid reflux in your environment. It will be a diet accompanying each day you live. So, what kinds of food that is included in alkaline food diet for acid reflux? First, get foods with high potassium. Potassium in high levels can prevent or even remedy acid reflux. The foods are various for your dietary plan, such as bananas, lemons, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe and honey. Each of the food sources will reduce your acid reflux and heartburn and neutralize your stomach acids.

Ancient Grains

alkaline foods for acid refluxIt will be great news if you like to consume ancient grains because they are alkaline food source for acid reflux. As well as the potassium foods, this kind of grains will be your amazing alkaline foods for acid reflux. The tiny grains are derived from amaranth, quinoa and millet that will be great replacements for processing products from white flour being stripped of the fiber and nutrients. Besides, tiny grains can be a great replacement for ones having problems of gluten since they nutty, delicious and gluten free.

Baking Soda

Although it is not considered as kind of food, baking soda becomes the main ingredients in helping relieve acid reflux immediately. It is an extremely alkaline choice that functions not only to neutralize your stomach acids fast, but also it will alkalize the whole system by reducing acidosis systematically. To make it, you can mix baking soda (1/2 teaspoon) in a glass of mineral water and drink it soon. As it consists of high salt, baking soda may increase one’s blood pressure. It is better for you to consult the professional before you use baking soda if you are taking hypertension medicines.

Fruits and Vegetables

Alkaline foods for acid reflux can be found in raw foods like fruits and vegetables. They are alkaline, which is easy and fast to digest. However, cooking such kind of foods can make their alkalinity lower and make them more acidic. Raw vegetables and fruits contain many enzymes, which are useful to help digestion. Always use the freshest items which are free of blemish. To get more alkali, it is better for you to get the sweeter fruit. If you choose ripened bananas, it is really good to digest track and it is better than those of yellow or green.

To solve a reflux problem, it is not difficult as you imagine. You can start it from eating alkaline foods. It is the best way to reduce reflux disease effects and balance your daily diet. Eating alkaline foods for acid reflux gives better healthy impact to your body than food with high acid.

A low diet will make fluids and cells within your body very acidic. It is a general problem occurring in western countries, notably in the North America. High sugar and high fat diets can raise acidosis. Diets with foods having low alkaline can be the factor of numerous diseases, especially arthritic and rheumatic diseases.

A diet lacking of alkaline foods for acid reflux will cause a tired feeling after you eat. You need to keep in your mind alkaline or acid is produced by mineral and nutrient metabolism within the health food after consuming it. Nutritionist suggests getting proper balance to regain health and it is the best thing to achieve from eating.

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