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Alkaline Diet Plan and Tips

There are many people who want to have an ideal body. In fact, the case of overweight is increasing more and more. People try different diets to reduce their body weight so that they look more ideal, but not all diets can be done easily. Even more not all diets are good for all people. So, you have to choose the diet for your body carefully. There are many people who start to try alkaline diet. This diet is very effective to make body weight more ideal. If you are interested in this diet, you should think about an alkaline diet plan.

What is Alkaline Diet?

Before we discuss more about an alkaline diet plan, it will be better to understand about what alkaline diet is first. Alkaline diet is a diet that purposes of weight loss. It works by consuming alkaline foods. Consuming alkaline food functions make your pH in your body balanced. That is why this diet is called as pH diet. With balanced pH, you can reduce your body weight so that your body will be more ideal. Considering the effectiveness, pH diet plan is very important.

Alkaline and Acid Balance

alkaline diet planIf you want to have an ideal body, you have to optimize your body function. You should try to make your body function optimal. To get this goal, you have to make sure that you have the correct balance of alkaline and acid. This is the main way to reach that goal. Besides keeping the balance of alkaline and acid, you should make sure that your blood particles, urine, lymph, and other fluids in your body balanced. With balanced alkaline and acid, it will ease you to control your body weight.

Acidosis Effects for Your Body

Acidosis relate to some health problems and diseases. For example, it relates to asthma, stroke, high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease, osteoporosis, and there are still many others. When your acid diet plan contains greater acids than alkalis, it means your body has to buffer the acids you have with the alkaline stores in your muscles and bones. Alkaline minerals, magnesium, and calcium relate to your bones that can cause bone loss in overtime. With the right alkaline diet, you can keep your body well.

Alkaline Forming Foods

The most important thing in the alkaline diet plan is to eat the right foods that can form alkaline in your body. It functions to encourage the right body pH level. So, what should you eat? I suggest you to eat vegetables and fruits. From various vegetable and fruit options, dates, spinach, and raisins can form the greater alkaline. You can consider other ideas, such as tomatoes, zucchini, celery, cherries, bananas, black currants, kiwi, and apricots. For the right portion, you should eat about 1/3 of your calories from those foods.

Acid Forming Foods

Because this diet is related to the acid, it is well known as acid-alkaline diet. You should keep away from foods that belong to acid forming. You should not give up these acids forming foods completely because some of them are still tolerated. Seafood, fish, and lean meat are still tolerated in your body so that you are allowed to eat those acids forming foods. Alkaline diet foods plan limits you some acid forming foods that cannot be tolerated, including soda, salty foods, pasta, bread, and hard cheeses.

How to Test pH Level?

The alkaline diet plan requires you to always test your pH level so that you will know whether your body belongs to acidic or alkaline. Your body belongs to acidic if the pH level is less than 7 whereas the ideal pH level is around 7.35 to 7.45. So, your diet purposes to reach the ideal pH from the ranges above.

You can use pH strips to test your pH level. Then, you can test your pH level at home using this device. You should test your urine and saliva. Testing pH level will be best done in the morning after you get up from the bed. To use the pH strips, you should read the directions first. That is all alkaline diet plan that you need to follow.

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