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Alkaline Ash Diet for Better Health

Everyone wants to have a healthy body. Being overweight and getting various diseases will be problems in your body health. So, you need to always keep your health well. Keeping health is not as easy as you imagine. There are many ways that you can try and one of them is by following the diet. Diet has various types. In this article, I suggest you to do alkaline ash diet. This diet is more popular and there are many people who are interested in it. If you want to know more about it, you need to pay attention to the following discussion.

Basic Philosophy

Basically, the acid alkaline ash diet requires you to maintain from neutral to slightly alkaline pH level in your body. The pH level is considered as acids if it is less than 7. The pH level is neutral when it is at 7 and it is considered as alkaline if the pH level is more than 7. So, you should change your daily foods to get the neutral or slightly alkaline pH level. You have to make sure that the foods you eat every day are good for the diet.

Origins of Alkaline Ash Diet

This diet is described as the residue that is left in people’s body when the body has alkaline foods that are digested. People’s bodies will excrete the residue of ash from the urine. Acidic foods will create an acid ash. It can affect adversely your health. That is the origins about alkaline ash diet that you need to know. If you are interested in it, you can consider following this beneficial healthy diet.

The Benefits

alkaline ash dietYou should know about alkaline ash diet benefits. There are some benefits claimed by this diet. The first is weight loss. This diet is very effective to lose your weight so that you will be more ideal. Besides that, the diet can reduce and control the risks of cancers, nervous system problem, heart disease, and other health problems. Even more, this beneficial diet is able to treat allergies and fatigue. Your health will be wholly better. So, considering the benefits above, you should follow this diet.

The Food Ratios

If you want to follow the alkaline ash diet, you need to pay attention to the food ratios. Because you are required to eat alkaline foods, you have to make sure that you eat about 70 up to 80 percent of alkaline foods. So, you are still allowed to eat acidic foods, but no more than 20 up to 30 percent. This ratio purposes to reach your goal in getting the ideal pH balance. To get the ideal balance, you should have pH level at least at 7 or a little bit higher.

Foods to Eat

What are the alkaline ash diet foods? There are many ideas of food that are recommended for you who follow this diet. We can find alkaline forming foods from vegetables. Even more, the best alkaline forming food belongs to vegetable that is spinach. Besides vegetables, you can consider eating fruits. Fruits do not only contain high vitamins, but they can form alkaline in your body. Seeds are recommended so much for the alkaline ash diet. It will be a good idea to eat nuts. Whole grains and certain oils are good for this diet.

Foods to Avoid

Besides knowing the foods to eat, you should know the foods to avoid. As it has been mentioned before, you should eat alkaline forming foods. The foods to avoid are the acidic forming foods. There are many foods that can form acids in your body. The examples of foods to avoid for alkaline ash diet are milk, cheese, eggs, meats, sodas, grains, processed foods, sugars, refined grains, and various dairy products.

That is all about alkaline ash diet. By understanding the explanation above, you can follow this diet well. So, you will get the best result. Hopefully this will be a good reference, especially for you who want to lose weight, prevent diseases, and improve health.

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